Over the past weekend I went out to celebrate with my family. After dinner we were sitting around talking and sharing some beers. We were discussing politics and our disgust for some of the things that are happening, the racism, sexism, and the homophobia that exists in our country.

My brother in law shared that someone he knows had recently gone a tirade about his disgust with homosexuality. My brother in law interrupted the man and shared that he had a family member (myself) that was gay and didn’t appreciate the comments.

I was touched by my families courage to care about me. To stand up for me and to recognize the shame and oppression that many people have to face. This morning I read this blog that reminded me of that situation I had experienced. It has reminded me that the LGBTQ community needs the support of our straight family and friends.

My younger brother is gay. Gay as laughter. Gay as the day is long. One of the finest moments in my life, and one of the greatest compliments anyone has ever paid me, was the day he felt safe to come out to me. He’s in his mid-30s now, but he’ll always be my little […]

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